About Us

It’s All About The Personal Touch!
Our mission as a company is to maintain personal connection with our hosts and guests. What sets us apart is our complete focus on personal relationships. We at team NamaaStay closely know all our hosts; we have spent time building associations with each and every one of them. Having a local presence affords us the luxury to organize social events and group activities for our hosts. When you are with us, you are amongst friends.

How We Go Above And Beyond For Our Guests
Once our host sets up an accommodation, we set up a phone conversation with all of our hosts. We review their facilities, always keeping the best interest of our guests in mind. At the end of each stay we request each host and guest to complete a survey. We use both our Brand Standards and survey results to assign a star rating. This guarantees that you will have no unpleasant surprises on arrival and can rest assured all your expectations will be met. Please check out our Brand Standards page for additional information. We also approve profiles of all our hosts prior to those getting published. Although we assume no liability, we take all steps to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both our hosts and guests.