Neighborhoods of BOG

CHAPINERO (Zona G) is one of the city’s genuinely coolest neighborhoods, and the center of LGBT community. Zona G is arguably the best spot in the city for fine dining. In fact, the G stands for gourmet. View attractions at
Zona Rosa
ZONA ROSA is nightlife central in Bogotá lined with trendy restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. The area also features three of the city’s premiere shopping centers, for example Andino, Atlantis and El Retiro with Andrés DC. Zona Rosa also features boutiques by trendy Colombian designers like Adriana Capasso. View attractions at
Parque 93
PARQUE 93 is a lively square surrounded by restaurants, shops and pubs. As the name implies, it is known for its beautiful park and this upscale neighborhood is the ideal place for most travelers to stay with high levels of energy, character, security and activities. View attractions at
USAQUEN is a fashionable neighborhood with colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, a central plaza, a Sunday market and stylish watering holes. For travelers wanting old-world charm, village-style Usaquén is the upmarket answer to La Candelaria. View attractions at
La Candelaria
LA CANDELARIA is the city’s beautiful historic district that contains fabulous museums, churches and government buildings throughout this cosmopolitan neighborhood. Though travelers should not stay in La Candelaria, the neighborhood certainly deserves a daytrip. View attractions at

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