For Our Hosts

Things to Note

  • Easy and free to sign up
  • A guest cannot automatically book a stay without approval from the host
  • Each booking has to have a 2 night minimum stay. There is no maximum limit
  • Host has to spend some time with the guest engaging in a mutually agreed upon activity
  • Both host and guest will be sent a survey at the end of the stay. A host will receive a STAR rating based on a combination of brand standards and survey results
  • The host will receive payment for a stay within 5 to 7 business days after check-in
  • Host is encouraged to ask for a security deposit and procure appropriate insurance to protect themselves against any damages
  • We will set up a 30 minute phone conversation to get to know you personally and help you with your listing

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  • Tap into your social spirit
  • Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit
  • This allows you to be flexible; you host someone only when you have availability. There is no obligation to host a specific number of stays. You only invite the people you are comfortable with
  • Each reservation has to be for a minimum of two nights. There is no limit on the maximum length of stay. You decide who, for how long, and the level of engagement you are willing to offer
  • We do require the host to spend some time with the guest engaging in a mutually agreed upon activity
  • It is free to sign up as a host
  • This is a unique opportunity to have some additional income on the side while doing what you love:
    – Save for college
    – Buy a new house
    – Additional contribution towards your retirement fund
    – Add to your travel budget
    – Whatever the reason, this is a great way to have an additional source of income


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Generally you will be:

  • Describing yourself and completing a profile. We will review each profile submission and send you an approval within 48 hours. Your profile is going to get published as soon as it gets approved
  • Describing your space and amenities you will offer (free WiFi, parking space, etc)
  • Uploading photos (max. of 10 photos per accommodation, one featured and nine gallery images; max. of 3 photos per room type, one featured and two gallery images)
  • Determining price and availability. We allow you to set custom prices for individual nights and weekends, special events, and monthly stays. You update your calendar to determine when you space is available for rent
  • Providing identification verification. We ask that hosts confirm their email addresses and phone numbers during the signup process
  • We will set up a phone conversation with you to get to know you personally and assist with your listing


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  • We will provide you with recommendations for pricing based on your amenities and location
  • We will provide recommendation on photos and video’s to use to best describe yourself and your space
  • We will do the marketing of your space and optimize your profile page for search engine ranking


[toggle title=”Other Features Of Using NamaaStay As Your Platform For Hosting” loads=”closed”]

  • We handle all payments ensuring you get paid, and on time
  • Customer support. We will help you along the way
  • Earn reviews
  • Cancellation policies that protect your interest
  • Message guests & accept reservations from anywhere
  • Easily manage your availability & reservations
  • Flexible pricing
  • Set seasonal pricing & fees from within your account

For further details, please check our Terms & Conditions.

To become a new host, click here.